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Mark Dion

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Mark Dion

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published: 29.05.2015

Exhibition: May 29th – October, 18th 2015
as part of Höhenrausch – The Secret of Birds
at the Cabinet of Curiosities of Upper Austria

The well-known US artist Mark Dion has been a passionate collector for more than twenty years, and in his installations, which are often reminiscent of natural history show rooms, he investigates the field of tension between nature, humanity, and science. Dion uses art to ironically question museumized scientific categorizations, but also our relationship to nature.

In the newly furnished Cabinet of Curiosities of Upper Austria, he especially presents an unusual collection of Things with Wings: in addition to a library for birds in a walk-in aviary and a glowing mural with inhabitants of the realm of the air, he has collected more than 350 objects from Upper Austrian museums, private collections, second-hand shops, flea markets and junk shops, which he exhibits in original cabinet of curiosities display cases. The collection will be continually expanded with a visitors’ project.

OK im OÖ Kulturquartier
artistic director:
Martin Sturm
business manager:
Gabriele Daghofer
curatorial team:
Genoveva Rückert, Martin Sturm
Marketing & Sponsoring: Maria Falkinger & Simon Lachner

Mark Dion