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Höhenrausch - art into the city!

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published: 22.12.2016
price: 24 € inkl. Mwst.

370 pages, Softcover, German/English
Editors: Julia Stoff, Martin Sturm
Managing editors: Ingrid Fischer-Schreiber, Genoveva Rückert, Julia Stoff
Copy-editing: Martina Bauer, David Sinclair-Jones, Rainer Wieland
Translation: Andreas Hofbauer
Interviews from the series "Arts into the city! Conversations about Höhenrausch": Sonja Beeck, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Kasper König, Martina Löw: Julia Stoff; Liz Diller: Maik Nowotny, Sabine Pollak, Julia Stoff
Image commentaries: Martin Heller, Genoveva Rückert, Julia Stoff, Eva Sturm, Martin Sturm
Graphic design: MVD Austria - Martin Embacher, Michael Rieper
With contributions by: Sonja Beeck, Paolo Bianchi, Claudia Büttner, Liz Diller, Christoph Doswald, Thomas Edlinger, Angelika Fitz, Benjamin Foerster-Baldenius, Martin Fritz, Martin Heller, Michael Koch, Kasper König, Martina Löw, Thomas Macho, Genoveva Rückert, Julia Stoff, Eva Sturm, Martin Sturm, Rainer Zendron
Published by Vfmk Velag für moderne Kunst GmbH
ISBN 978-3-903131-22-4

From New York's High Line to the Höhenrausch in Linz: for years, art and the city have been forging new relationships, colonising long neglected urban space. Spreading its wings in 2007 for the first time, the OK has brought a whole new exhibition format to the city. Here we have the story of a spectacularly successful series of exhibtions that has not only given the OK a new identity but has transformed parts of inner city Linz. Internationally renowned exponents of art, architecture and urban development share their experiences of urban intervention and analyse Linz's new approach.