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OK | Projektion: Otto Hainzl - Europastrasse

April 25th 2017, 08:00 AM – April 30th 2017, 11:00 PM
Venue: Foyer Ursulinensaal


Europe stands for freedom, justice, and cultural diversity. Yet Europe is increasingly experiencing an unstable development, as nationalist and populist tendencies call European values into question. The photographer Otto Hainzl is interested in the continent and its social structures and traces. He sets out by car on a journey all the way through Europe – “crossing Europe” – and uses the main international highway, the E75. This European rout runs from Sitia on the island of Crete all the way to the island of Vardø near the North Cape. Diversity is evident to Hainzl in that he uses seven different currencies and eleven different SIM cards, as he crosses through nine neighboring countries with fourteen different languages. The project is documented in various media. Otto Hainzl writes a blog, documents the road in a photo series, and films the entire journey. The resultant video shows the course of the European rout in its entirety. The video loop with a duration of more than 100 hours thus runs throughout the entire festival. It translates a geographical dimension into a temporal one, showing expansion and diversity in slow scenic images, which are generated, however, by rapid motion.

Thu, 27.4. 18.30 Artist Talk with curator Genoveva Rückert, 2nd floor U-Hof Foyer
Fri, 28.4. 2.00 Night (Fri-Sat) Night Talk with the artist and Markus Reindl „Nights on the Europastrase“, Meeting point: OK Platz chapel