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OK | Cristina Lucas

December 2th 2016 – April 30th 2017


Opening, 1st of December 16
2. Dec. 16 – 30. Apr. 17

What kind of world do we really live in?

The Spanish artist Cristina Lucas radically and critically questions today’s lived reality, creating an intensive and simultaneously highly aesthetic engagement with our world.
Lucas makes democracy, globalization and the mechanisms of power the content of her works. She attentively analyzes fundamental structures in politics and business, revealing the contradictions that exist between official historiography, real history and collective memory.
The exhibition in OK shows sixteen works and is her first major retrospective in the German-speaking region. She establishes a direct relationship to the present with an impressive filmic cartography of all aerial bombardments with civil victims, which she has painstakingly researched around the world and realized with three-channel technology.

Image to the right: La Liberté Raisonné, 2009

Cristina Lucas, born 1973 in Jaén /ES, lives and works in Madrid.
In collaboration with MUDAM LUXEMBOURG, a catalogue will be published.

Curator: Genoveva Rückert

Montaña de Sal, 2012
Light Years, 2009
Montaña de Sal, 2012Europleasure International LTD.
, 2010
Naked in the Museum, Prado 2014